Training Video Library


Step by Step SoniClear Training Videos

This library of videos provides detailed explanations of how to use SoniClear software and hardware products. Access to the videos is included as part of the Annual Software Support service.


Preference Setup

SoniClear Preference Setup for Meetings and Courts [5 minutes]

SoniClear Preference Setup for Court Reporting [9 minutes]


Microphone Setup

SC SC10 Microphone Setup [7 minutes]

Voice Tracker Microphone Setup [7 minutes]


Using SoniClear Markers [5 minutes]

Using Agenda Templates and Docket Templates [6 minutes]

Editing Recordings with Create Edited Copy [6 minutes]


Locking and Unlocking the SoniClear License [3 minutes]

Cloud Transcription

All SoniClear products include integrated SoniClear Cloud transcription. The following videos illustrate transcription for meeting and legal applications.

Introduction to Automatic Minutes Transcription with Gov Recorder 10[7 minutes]

Introduction to Legal Transcription with Transcriber 10 [6 minutes]


Technical support is available by contacting SoniClear Support.

Consult the Support Policy Page for details about purchasing SoniClear support services.